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Symfony Digital Solutions is perfectly positioned within the market to meet the constantly growing demand for new and specialized web applications which will further enhance your online experience and productivity. With a range of high-end services offered, we are well-equipped to provide an all-encompassing solution from conception through to execution.

Digital Design

The Symfony Digital Solutions design team are truly masters of their craft; combining cutting-edge design cues with the latest technology to present you with a visually breathtaking product each time.

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Web Development

Symfony Digital Solutions prides themselves on having one of the strongest coding and development teams in the business. Each developer’s individual skillset blends in seamlessly with the next.

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Creative Direction

High-quality, compelling, unique and authoritative content is of paramount importance – not only for the sake of your company’s online image, but especially for search engine ranking results.

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Go Team.

Here at Symfony Digital Solutions, we pride ourselves on being market leaders; trailblazing and rewriting the rules of what’s possible on the internet. We’re changing the web – one website at a time, and in order to achieve this we have assembled our very own Dream Team.

Darren Kerr
Project Manager

Likes anything with two wheels that’s sinfully fast; dislikes rank, dirty fingernails. As Project Manager, Darren successfully bridges communication between clients and SDS Developers, and specializes in Django & Python.

Tafadzwa Shereni
Senior back-end Developer

Likes his beard, jazz music, soccer and reading; dislikes death metal, goths, pessimists – basically, negative people. Tafadzwa’s speciality as senior back-end Developer is PHP, Postgres, MySQL, Python and API integration.

Blaine A Lingard
Front-end Developer & UX Designer

Likes drinking copious amounts of beer and tequila shots; dislikes the morning after hangover. Blaine is highly experienced in the front-end development department, and specializes in UX and UI design.

Andre Buxey
Head of SEO

Likes his cars and online gaming; dislikes any day ending with a “Y”. Andre’s extensive experience in the SEO field has made him an invaluable asset to our Dream Team.

Taryn Herbst
Copy Writer

Likes One Direction (the band, not the way a train travels); dislikes anything resembling baby food. Bringing ample copywriting experience, she is a welcomed addition to the SDS Dream Team.

Safia Modak
Copy Writer

Likes anything that’s ‘fabulous’; dislikes people who are unnaturally quiet and can’t make direct eye contact. Coming from a background in media & writing, her creativity and flair is …fabulous.

Musa Zirebwa
Back-end Developer

Likes anything relating to football; dislikes accidentally throwing salt into his morning coffee. Weighing in with over five years of backend development experience, crunching code is what Musa does best.

Ben Nxumalo Svondo
Back-end Developer

Likes the fact that he’s a formidable (meaning, highly skilled) chess opponent; dislikes seafood – in particular, fish. Ben specializes in Commercial Development frameworks such as Django, Cake, JQuery and AngularJs.

Graeme Hank
Head Copy Writer

Likes anything to do with speed, dislikes large crowds and people who walk slowly in malls. Graeme oversees the copywriting team, and has a no-nonsense approach to producing quality content.

Charl Visser
Junior Webmaster

Likes pumping iron; dislikes waking up from a nap and not knowing which day it is. Charl is well-equipped to provide dedicated support to both the copywriting and SEO teams.

Willem Opperman
Back-end Developer

Likes living on the alternative side of life; dislikes anything commercialized. Sporting a sharp and analytical personality, Willem’s niche is to be found in low-level programming; designing encapsulated software interfaces.

Olwethu Nitiyonke
Back-end Developer

Likes being labelled a Pythonista; vehemently dislikes anything to do with PHP. Equipped with extensive experience, Olwethu’s key development strengths lay in embedded systems, 3D Visualization and Open Source Technologies.

Ryan Smith
Graphic Designer

Likes the ocean, surfing and dreadlocks; dislikes sharks and losing at fooseball. Passionate about design, Ryan studied extensively in this field and has become an integral SDS Dream Team member.

Kurt Buttress
Copy Writer

Likes any opportunity to get the party started; dislikes Paris Hilton and public transport. Having studied Media, Culture & Communication; Kurt’s unique contribution to the copywriting team efforts is admirable.

Thabang Tseboho
Back-end Developer

Likes chicken meat prepared in any which way; dislikes chickens in general. Another Pythonista, Thabang would like to be known as a Python Knight with the heart of a noob.

Jason Loeve
Front-end Developer & UX Designer

Likes hunting for treasure (literally); dislikes waiting in long queues. Boasting an impressive resumé and years’ of experience, Jason’s UI and UX development abilities have proven to be an asset.

Sheldon Bromage
Back-end Developer

Likes being a part-time ninja; dislikes the fact that, due to responsibilities, he cannot be a ninja fulltime. A senior backend developer, Sheldon’s experienced in an array of coding languages.

what we been up to.

  • LottaRewards

    A well-structured affiliate portal, which features Symfony Digital Solutions-designed online banners geared to redirect affiliate web traffic to PHB.

    PlayGrand Casino

    PlayGrandCasino is a dedicated online casino which offers players the option of gaming in real time either for cash or fun, all online-based.

    Playhuge Brands

    Engineered from the ground up, PlayHugeBrands is a global entity which offers players a highly-secured online lotto gaming platform.

  • betloud
  • lottarewards
  • PlayGrand Casino
  • LottoStar

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